Mouth Guards

Our clinic is able to provide our patients with custom mouth guards that can help prevent unwanted damage to your teeth. We are able to make custom athletic mouth guards as well as occlusal guards for patients who clench or grind their teeth or are at risk for jaw pain.

Occlusal guards (AKA night guards) can help prevent damage to your teeth from clenching or grinding habits, also known as bruxism. These occlusal guards are typically worn at night when clenching and/or grinding can go undetected. If your teeth are not protected from these damaging forces, you could be at risk for tooth fractures, gum recession, jaw pain, headaches, or other significant and uncomfortable problems. A well-made occlusal guard can help prevent these damages or problems from occurring.
Athletic mouth guards are made of a soft material that can help protect the teeth and gums from impact. Our athletic mouth guards can be made for patients of any age and the custom fit may allow for more comfort, better breathing ability, and superior protection of the teeth and gums when compared to traditional over-the-counter type athletic mouth guards.

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