Dental Fillings

If your tooth structure has been damaged due to decay or fracture, your dentist may recommend a filling.

Composite resin fillings are white fillings designed to match your natural tooth color. These fillings are bonded to your tooth and can allow for more conservative removal and repair of tooth structure.

Glass ionomer fillings are another type of white filling material that is used to repair damaged or decayed teeth. These fillings are typically used on primary teeth (AKA “baby teeth”) or on permanent teeth that experience decay around the gumline or root of the tooth. These fillings may also release fluoride, which helps to prevent further tooth decay.

Amalgam fillings are also known as silver fillings.

During a filling appointment the dentist will numb your tooth (unless you request otherwise). The dentist then removes decay and prepares your tooth for the filling. Additional relaxation services including nitrous oxide (“laughing gas”) can be used if a patient requests it for their filling appointment. Filling material placement technique varies depending on the location and type of filling selected as the appropriate treatment for your tooth.

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