Dentures/Partial Dentures

When several or all of your teeth are missing, your dentist may discuss the option for replacement with partial dentures or full dentures.

Partial dentures are prosthetic teeth that can be designed to be strategically anchored on your remaining teeth. Your dentist will discuss your options for the design for a partial and also the material it can be made with. Partial dentures are not cemented into the mouth and rest over your gums. Partial dentures need to be removed from the mouth after meals and at night to allow for your remaining teeth to be kept clean and your gum tissues healthy.

Full dentures can replace an entire set of upper and lower teeth. Full dentures rely on gum tissues and jaw bone for stability. They are removed regularly and nightly to ensure that the supporting gum tissues can stay healthy.

Full dentures and partial dentures are made over a series of appointments over a few weeks to ensure the best fit and appearance.

Both types of dentures do have limitations when it comes to chewing ability, speech, as well as overall comfort that depend on many factors that are specific to each individual patient. Your dentist may discuss the benefits or drawbacks of each option with you and may advise the use of dental implants to help stabilize or support your denture if necessary.

We also offer adjustments, repairs, and re-fitting of dentures in our clinic.

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